Rite of Summer’s Grand Band featured in FDRMX

  • 4th September 2014

Though not your average rock band, the six of them play so tightly in sync together that they appear as one musical beast, moving and breathing as one. “Definitely unified. A unit,” Isabelle O’Connell says. “The most satisfying thing about playing in a group of six is playing with other pianists,” says Isabelle O’Connell. “We understand how the instrument is played.”

“Pianists,” says David Friend, “especially ones who play a lot of contemporary music, they tend to understand the rhythm section mentality. If you’re playing with other instruments, there’s not that common bond, but when you play with other pianist, there is. So when that happens there’s this lock-in feeling thats similar to a band vibe.”

“Fortunately we all have good rhythm,” says Lisa Moore.

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