Scottie Roche Review of Todd Reynolds at The GLASS

  • 24th September 2012

On an island in New York Harbor, two young children run hand in hand in wide playful circles as an electrically eclectic mix of sounds fills the air. Like myself and the rest of the people gathered, they’re enjoying the fun of summer to the strains of amplified violin (Todd Reynolds), bluegrass guitar (Jordan Tice), glass harmonica (Jonny Rodgers), a jazzy bass (Michael O’Brien), and a world beat percussion (Matthias Kunzli). The profusion of parents and children midday on this Monday signal Labor Day, and the Rite of Summer T-shirt one of the young kids sports means that the 2012 season of NYC’s exciting new music festival is at the thrilling close of its second season: Todd Reynolds and FriendsContinue reading at The GLASS